AWC Springfield Member Spotlight: Kelli Jessup

KelliJessupMeet Kelli Jessup, Business Services Coordinator for the Illinois Chamber of Commerce, AWC-Springfield member since 2014 and currently Jobs Board Chair on AWC’s board of directors.

What role does communication play in your current work role? I’m responsible for the marketing and promotion of chamber educational events and publications. This includes email marketing, social media, some graphic design, event coordination and writing articles for our print quarterly magazine.

Why did you join AWC? I joined AWC as I was finishing my undergraduate degree. This was a great way for me to network with communication professionals in the Springfield community. We have some awesome professional communicators in this area, so as a new graduate in communications, I wanted to connect and learn as much as I can from AWC members and programs as I started my career.

How has AWC benefited you? Joining AWC has benefited me greatly as a younger professional. I have learned so much from the programs AWC holds each month. Not only that, AWC has some of the best communicators in the industry that I have connected with and learned from. They bring great ideas to the table and really are mentors for us as the younger generation to look up to and learn from. I have made some great connections that I could always reach out to for any help, questions or to bounce ideas off of for suggestions.

Favorite AWC memory? So far I think it would be serving on the committee that held the Social Media Conference in April 2016. We had an amazing turnout and fantastic speakers. It was great to work with everyone in the committee to make such a great event happen.